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we have more information on that injured park police officer in just a moment, but first we want to tell you about a gunman who opened fire on a bus carrying u.s. soldiers outside the frankfurt airport in germany.
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two people were killed. >> reporter: a sheet covers up the broken windshield of the bus carrying u.s. soldiers. the shooting happened at the airport in frankfurt, germany near several u.s. military bases. police say a gunman opened fire as the bus sat outside a terminal. two people were killed. the bus driver and a passenger. and two others were wounded. police took the gunman into custody. police could not confirm whether any of the casualties are u.s. military personnel. randall pinkston, cbs news. a u.s. park police officer is being treated for injuries after a motorcycle accident on the southeast southwest tree way near 7th street southwest. the accident happened just before 11:00 this morning. right now there is no word on the severity of the officer's injuries. police are investigating exactly how that crash happened. late this morning the supreme court ruled that the first amendment protects
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members of a controversial church would hold anti-gay from tests at military funerals. the court voted 8-1 in favor of the westboro baptist church of topeka, kansas. the decision upheld an appeals court ruling that threw out a $5 million judgment in favor of albert snyder of carroll county, maryland. he had sued the church after members held a protest at his son's military funeral. matthew sthieder was killed in iraq in 2006. church followers say that u.s. soldiers are dying in iraq and afghanistan because of america's tolerance of homosexuals. a federal government shutdown has been averted, at least for now. just moments ago the senate voted on a measure to fund the government for the next two weeks. yesterday the house passed the gop drafted emergency short- term spending plan. that legislation also cuts federal spending by $4 billion.
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the white house has stopped short of saying that the president will sign the legislation, but does say that it represents progress. republicans and democrats still have to work out a spending bill for the rest of this year. even though it looks like this continuing resolution will pass, the district is still preparing for a shutdown. d.c. mayor gray wants city leaders to decide which government functions could still continue while business leaders worry about the effect of a shutdown would have on tourism. >> if they do delay this two weeks but still shut down, it's worse. that's tourists. it's cherry blossom season. it couldn't come at a worse time. >> the board of trade is starting a campaign to remind tourists that monuments and memorials will still be available for photos in the event of a shutdown. we have some new
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developments right now from north africa. witnesses in the rebel town of benghazi say that the city is under attack. they had a that the pro-gadhafi war planes bombed that town overnight. also overnight a truck explosion in tripoli. the gas tanker burst into flames near a hotel where international reporters are being housed by the gadhafi government. it is unclear what caused that blast. meanwhile, here at home secretary of state hillary clinton says gadhafi must step down. >> libya could become a peaceful democracy, or it could face protracted civil war, or it could descend into chaos. >> u.s. warships are moving through the suez canal and closer to the libyan coast. the pentagon says they will only be used for emergency evacuations or supplies. the effort to legalize same- sex marriage in maryland is on
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hold. democratic state delegate jill carter of baltimore city and tiffany austin of prince george's county withheld their votes yesterday. they want more school funding. schools in those jurisdictions lost a total of $36 million under governor o'malley's budget plan. the governor says that he would sign that bill and that would make maryland the sixth state to allow same-sex marriages. a court date is set for former prince george's county executive jack johnson. on march 15th he will be arined on bribery charges. johnson has been charged with taking more than $200,000 in bribes from developers. in november federal agents raided his home in mitchellville. they say that's when they found nearly $80,000 stuffed in his wife's undergarments, who is now the current county council woman, leslie johnson. three years after her
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daughter's death, an alexandria mother gets a little consolation from virginia lawmakers. the general assembly has passed ashley's law. it has been named for 33-year- old ashley mcintosh. she died when fairfax county police officer amanda perry ran a red light while racing to a call. the officer was running her lights but not using her siren. and that crash also led fairfax county police to increase training in emergency vehicle operations. ashley's law now awaits governor bob mcdonald's signature. loudoun county officials are trying to find out what happened to an army wife who has not been in contact with her family. 21-year-old bethany ann decker is also five months pregnant. she vacations in hawaii with her husband in january before he redeployed to afghanistan. her family reported her missing 10 days ago after trying to reap her since january 29th.
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decker's car was found parked in front of her ashburn apartment. well, there's more trouble for actor charlie sheen. his children were removed from his home late last night under a court order. sandra hughes has more on the actor's problems. >> reporter: charlie sheen was forced to hand his two young twins bob and max over to authorities at his los angeles house. >> i won't say good-bye, just see you later. >> radar on-line captured the estrangement after his ex-wife convinced a judge he is not suitable. >> tiger blood now drips from my fangs. >> reporter: just a few hours later sheen was on morning talk shows. >> bob, max, it's your dada, and i've never lied to you, and this is at example of. that i will see you soon. you're in my heart, and i live you. >> reporter: the star of "two and a half men" has been on a media blitz since the network
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canceled his show for the finel eight episodes of the year. there is even a new charlie sheen account on twitter that the website says is genuine. after less than a day it has almost a million followers. >> i don't want to become a side show, but i'm going to keep shaking the trees until i get the answers that i need. >> reporter: sheen has battled drugs and alcohol but claims that he is now sober. >> just want to get everybody's taxi and throw the eyes of the world on this. clearly my plan is working. >> there's a window in my schedule now. come in. >> reporter: sheen's show is one of the most profitable on tv. the actor is threatening to sue cbs and is fating to get full pay for the show's cast and crew who are now out of work. we now have an update on that breaking news story. a u.s. park police officer is being treated for injuries that he received in a motorcycle accident on the southeast southwest freeway near 7th street southwest.
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the crash happened just before 11:00 this morning. lindsey mastis joins us with more. >> reporter: jc, i am right here at the scene, and i wanted to zoom down this way. you can see there are actually five cars and a motorcycle involved, and what we've been told now is two people have been taken to the hospital, including the officer. the officer has very serious injuries, and i'm joined now by one of his colleagues with the park police. what can you tell us about what happened? >> at about 50e 45 this morning, our motorcycle officer was traveling on the southeast southwest tree way in the area of 7 street, and he was involved in a motor vehicle crash. rate now his condition is that he's got some multiple injuries. he was flown by u.s. park police aviation to washington hospital center medstar is and the doctors are looking at him now to determine what contained of injuries he has. >> thank you again for mentioning what's happened here, and, of course, we'll have an update as soon as the information becomes available. reporting live, i'm lindsey
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mass toys, 9news now. >> thank you very much, lindsey. coming up, we're going to take a look at how the memorial honoring dr. martin luther king jr. came about. and how it is struggling, similar to the civil rights movement. we'll be right back. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me. we had an outpouring of-- of support. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. the 60 miles-- it makes a statement. i know i'm stronger
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than i was before, both mentally and physically. i walk with my sister. our relationship has gone to a whole new level because of training together. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. i knew that there was something really special about this event. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. it was three days of hope. of love. of empowerment. it was three days the way the world should be. here i am, second year in a row, and i'm already signed up for next year's. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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the group, the guardian angelsl patrol metro trains and buses. the d.c. chapter wants to fight back against new reports of teenagers fighting. guardian angels in uniform and out of uniform will ride the trains. metro says that it wants customers to alert metro police in the event of violence. we have some important information for metro riders in prince george's county in northeast washington. the orange line will be he closed this weekend from stadium armory to new carrollton, and the blue line will be closed between stadium armory and bening road. the closures will give metro time to do some safety work. the work will begin friday night at 10:00 p.m. it will be over by monday morning. and there will be free shuttle buses throughout the area. coming up next, howard and his forecast.
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in six months washington and the entire nation will witness the unveiling of the first memorial on the national mall for a person, who was not a u.s. president. the dr. martin luther king jr. memorial will make history in a number of ways. and each month leading up to the unveiling in august, we are going to focus on the contributions made by dr. king. derek mcginty has our first
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report on dr. martin luther king jr., a monumental life. ♪ we shall overcome >> reporter: he was a scholar, civil rights icon, a martyr to an american dream, but this memorial to dr. martin luther king jr. may never have happened if he wasn't one more thing. a member of a fraternity. >> some good men came over with the idea that there ought to be a memorial to dr. king. >> reporter: but what they couldn't come up with 25 years ago, says the mlk foundation ceo harry johnson, was the money to build it. >> we had a box on the table. $20, $10, see y'all later. then i became president of alpha phi, and they said, go raise millions of dollars. >> reporter: that's a little you know tim dating. >> everybody is on board, now
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that it's just about complete, but in the beginning it was tough, and by no means a sure thing. >> reporter: so that first 30 million was pretty tough. >> it was tough, it was tough. trying to convince corporations, just because corporation a gave 10, and corporation b gave 5, you still need to raise 1206789. >> reporter: then once the federal government approved the site on the tidal basin and a design contest outlined the monument itself, the choice of artists for the central figure, a 30-foot statue of king himself, proved unexpectedly controversial. >> so a chinese man made it. >> he did. >> reporter: some people thought it shouldn't have been a chinese man, it should have been a black man. >> that's true. and we would have had a black man had we found one that could do this at this level. >> reporter: but now with the memorial 75% built and the official dedication all set for august, there is a growing sense this dream is just a few
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steps away from making history. >> i never thought of losing the faith, but i just didn't want to fail while i was heading it up. >> reporter: derek mcginty, 9news now. >> more fund raising is needed. the project is $11 million short of the $120 million needed in order to fin that issue memorial. if you would like to help, there is a link to their site on it's under the "check it out" section. we'd like to give you some money, but first you have to claim it. right now there is over $2 billion stashed away in virginia, maryland, and d.c. treasuries. it is unclaimed money. money that comes from dormant bank account and insurance policies. so this week, we're releasing some of the names on the list. let's begin with virginia. the following people have money that they need to claim. griffin alfred of falls charge.
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lawrence bayers of herndon, edgar rios of mclean. and mary in rockville and stephanie in takoma park. stewart long of southeast, mary company hen of northwest, and ann cauman of southwest. all you have to do is go to our website,, and you can find out how you can apply for your money. plus, if you didn't hear your name, look on that list to see if it's there. this is the one location to find out if you're owed money from anyplace in the country. hello, howard bernstein with you and the allergy update. good information. the tree pollen yesterday which was high now moderate. molds are still low. grass and weeds are absent.
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if you're sniffling a little less, that's why. 55 degrees at 1:00. we're in the upper 50s. some spots west of town are going to make mid-60s today with those west winds kicking up, and they'll gust 20, 25, maybe 30. we've got northwesterly winds this evening, temperatures will be dropping off by 7:00 tonight down into the 40s. by tomorrow morning we're down into the 20s. you see that colder air subpoena in cleveland. we've got 50s, and ace said already, 61 in leesburg. it's 60 down in orange. fredericksburg is 59. low 50s annapolis. andrews 5 3. water temperature still kind of chilly coming in right off the bay for easton and cambridge. you're holding rate at 50. national, nice, 5 2. south winds at 8. when they start to go more to the west that's when we can warm up. but the potomac is going to keep national down. the air is dry. 43% relative humidity so we'll have to watch out for. that i'll show you the satellite and radar because we have a big storm on the west
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coast. this is helping to keep much of the country relatively mild except in the northern plains. look at the rain and snow in the mountains. cold air for bismarck, minnesota, and a little tiny bit of that cold is going to be coming down. you can see the results in new york state with scattered snow showers, but for us this front doesn't have moisture to work with, so it's coming through this afternoon. by 6:00 it should be approaching southern maryland. our winds turn west to northwesterly gusting 20, 25, 30 miles per hour. the chill is with us overnight as that cold front sinks farther south. so tomorrow morning we start in the 20s to around 30. in spite of having mostly sunny skies with those winds northeast, we'll only see highs 40 to 45. friday, the moisture to the west will increase our clouds. might give us a shower on friday. a better chance for showers on cart additional. sunday just looks wet. if you've got outdoor plans, saturday better than sunday this weekend. 59 today, but low to mid-60s
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out west. 41 tomorrow, much colder. chilly on friday. still in the 40s. your weekend features a shower chance saturday at 55. 50s on sunday with the rain. then we'll be looking better monday and tuesday. we'll be right back after this. we're going to taste some caramel in the kitchen. you're watching 9news now at noon.
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you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. we can rid the world of this terrible disease...
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so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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why is roman meal bread nutritious? it has... roman meal bread: natural wholegrain goodness since nineteen-twelve. we have something sweet in the kitchen, with a french twist. i stole some of the props. this is salty caramel. has salt on it. covered in chocolate. you know i love. that in the kitchen with me, sarah, and she is the owner of
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coquet desserts. >> i love caramel, and chocolate, too. but i think if you have a little bit of a sauce, it dresses up any dessert. you almost don't need a recipe. quickly pour a little bit of water in a pan, throw in two cups of sugar. >> okay. sugar. >> just a little bit of sugar. >> and you cook it until it's about the color of a penny. >> really? >> yeah. >> okay. and then active cream, a cup and a half of cream. all you have to remember, two cups of sugar, a cup and a half of cream, and then when you pour it in, i put a little vanilla beans, or you could use vanilla extract, but this is the part that's so fun, because you can flavor it any way you want. you could put coffee in it, put a little chocolate in it, make chocolate caramel. >> home made caramel. >> and it's going to bubble up a little bit. when it's ready, you can put it
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in a glass jar, then warm it up, and there's your caramel on the brownies. >> with the vanilla ice cream. >> just a little bit. >> and this is what? >> i just got a simple baked apple with a little bit of dried cherry and put a little bit of caramel on that. >> i bet your nephews tom and jack in tv land love this when you make it for them. >> they do. >> tell me some of the other things. >> i specialize in chocolate. some white chocolate, and then the chocolate-covered caramel, salted caramel, my favorite, and balsamic caramel, which you can get a little bit of sweet and a little bit of sour together. >> balsamic vinegar? >> right in there. >> go to our website,, for the recipe. and while sarah is talking, and howard is looking on, i'm going to taste -- >> i love it.
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>> a little bit, and see how -- mmmm. >> did you learn to do this in france? >> i did, in france. i learned all of it, and it was a good time. shopping in paris. >> this is my new best friend. >> thanks, jc. >> thank you, sara. go to our website, get the recipe. thanks for being with us. come back at 5:00. my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left. to say it was a shock is just a complete understatement. i mean, i don't think there are words. she had put up a really good fight, but it was her time. you... don't have a choice of getting breast cancer. i had no choice. i wanted to do something bigger than myself. that 3-day gave me that opportunity. and i can actually do something to help. i think it's a very bold thing to do. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. i'm sure if it was 100 miles, we'd still walk it.
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it was a big statement for me of... (voice breaks) i'm alive. wewe can do this. we can do this. we can rid the world of this terrible disease... so that no mother... granddaughter... sister... daughter... mother... go through what my wife had to go through. this is more than just three days. this is a lifetime. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.

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